Effective essential tips to live a happy and healthy married life

It is not easy to manage a life. Ups and downs are part of the married life. After marriage your life become change completely and it does not matter how you used to live before marriage. When troubles come in our life then we think all the troubles are only in our life but it is not true. Troubles exist in everyone’s life. To being stay away from these troubles those people who learn a decent way to live this life love always remains in life of them.

1. Less conversation
if you do not talk to each other then it is the biggest problem of the trouble. You cannot talk keeping eye on TV and phone. For conversation it is necessary that there should be a direct connection between words of each other.

2. How can find solution

Create formal meetings to each other and try to analyze the trouble that in actual what is the cause of the trouble. If you are married then in a separate room away from the children talk about it.

  • If you cannot stop yourself from being loud conversation then go to a publics place. Because at that place you will feel uncomfortable to being loud.
  • Don’t cut sentence of your partner and don’t be bitterly. And it also necessary that you should not blame to each other because here you are to solve the troubles of your life and not to blame each other. 

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